Youth Crossing Borders (YCB) is a nonprofit organization that provides underprivileged youth the opportunity to travel. Our excursions are volunteer-focused experiences that help students develop emotional intelligence, leadership skills, and job skills while helping others in need. YCB programs educate tomorrow’s global citizens through community service and intercultural awareness. We believe that world travel and cultural exposure are key components of educating and broadening the perspectives of students in our own local communities.

During a YCB service learning excursion, a small group of students and staff will spend one to two weeks traveling in a specific country or region. Students will have the chance to engage with local communities and receive first-hand education about the region in which they are traveling.



Alliance Education Center implemented the Youth in Action Leadership Program (YALP) to empower high school students through volunteer work with local communities in need. YALP teaches leadership and critical thinking skills, as well as personal and civic responsibility through a combination of classroom instruction and community service.

Students play an active role in choosing an area of focus, teaming together to meet the service learning goals they have set. They learn about community issues and the resources available to address homelessness, hunger, domestic violence, sex trafficking, animal activism, and refugees. By the end of the program, participants will have positively impacted their community and gained the knowledge to help others in need in the future.

Completion of the Youth in Action Leadership Program is a prerequisite for participation in Youth Crossing Borders. Through YALP, students will prepare for their international excursion by studying culture and developing the volunteer skills they will need overseas.